Spawn Animal Farm Complete

Well, we finally brought all of the animals back to the spawn camp.

We worked together and got the animal farm together. One trick I picked up was to place a carpet on top of the fences. Players can jump 1.25 blocks but fences are 1.5 blocks high. For some reason adding the carpet on top of the fence let’s us jump on as it it’s only one block tall. But the animals still think that the fence is a full height.

The carpet doesn’t look as good as a real fence gate. But sometimes, function is more important than form.


Finding the Good Stuff – DIAMONDS!

Branch mining hasn’t been very good to me in the past. Each mine has been abandoned before I find any.

Not this time!

In my grind session, I found five diamonds. And I found a lot of gold as well. This was probably my most productive branch mine grind session that I’ve ever had. I even collected 35 obsidian for portals and an enchantment table.

Honestly, I never thought that I would harvest the obsidian before reeds and leather.